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Letters Patent document is granted under the Patent Ordinance, 2000 and Patent Rules, 2003. Requirements for filing in Pakistan are: (a) application (prescribed form) may be signed by an agent, or by an attorney on behalf of applicant (b) name, nationality and full address of applicant (c) specification in triplicate, and (d) drawings / diagrams, if any.

Under the law of Patent, applicant is entitled to claim “priority date” of the application under the Paris Convention or in any of the member-country of WTO within “12-month”. Pakistan is not a contracting country of PCT. A certified copy of the application on which the priority is based is required to be filed at the time of filing, or within 3-month thereafter.

In case the priority is in different language (other than English) it is necessary to file an English translated copy (verified by an affidavit) of the priority documents. After acceptance, the application is advertised in the “Gazette of Pakistan” calling for opposition (if any) to the grant of Letters Patent document.

If no opposition is lodged within a period of four-month, the application is sealed on payment of requisite fee.
Letters Patent document (LPD) is issued for a term of twenty years from the date of filing of application / priority application. Renewal fee is due annually beginning with the 5th year of the Patent term – the 5th annuity of a Patent is payable before the expiry of 4th year from the date of filing of a Patent application or before expiry of 4th year from priority date.


There are 14 classes (based on the composition) of articles implicating the “design” and registration is granted by class under the Design Ordinance, 2000. Applicant is entitled to claim “priority” under the Paris Convention, and in any of the member-state of the WTO (World Trade Organization) provided an application is filed in Pakistan “within six month” for protection in the country.

A certified copy of the priority application on which priority is based should accompany the application, or to be filed within three months alongwith a request for an extension of time. In case the publication of design is in different language (other than English) it is necessary to file an English translated copy.

Each application together with six representations (either drawings or photograph of design) is filed for registration in Pakistan.